National Consolidation Services was founded in 1998 with the initial charter of reducing cycle time and inventory within the largest retailer drugstore chain. Since approximately 95% of replenishment shipments they received were considered LTL, the Priority One Service was created to deliver LTL shipments consistently from many suppliers' shipping locations, through a consolidation center, and into the retailer's distribution network.

To date, over 1350 suppliers have utilized the Priority One Service program. They ship from over 1750 locations to dozens of retailer DCs. Eight hundred fifty are regular suppliers (53.3% of the total). NCS is named as a primary carrier on the retailer's routing guide on 72% of the service lanes in the domestic U.S. and is the largest single service provider for LTL replenishment purchases.

    To appreciate the magnitude of the savings possible by employing the Priority One Service, one simply needs to examine the results NCS has Actualized for its customers:
  • Total retailers' safety stock was reduced from 23 to less than 10 days
  • Total cycle time was reduced from 22 days to under 9 days and NCS' total cycle time is less than 7 days
  • Retailers see no increase in product's delivered cost
  • Suppliers enjoy significant reductions in order/ship cycle time, standing inventory, and cost-to-serve
  • Suppliers see significant improvements in Customer Service; reduction in damages and charge-backs

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The Priority One Service network includes Bolingbrook, IL, Elizabeth, NJ, and Santa Fe Springs, CA. The network is scalable to service retailers nationwide.